The Education Committee shall recommend curriculum, recruit instructors, and advise the Executive Committee regarding any issue pertaining to professional education in the field of Kentucky Property Tax Assessment Administration. The Education Committee is a joint committee of the Kentucky PVA Association and the Kentucky Chapter of IAAO.

Education Committee Members
Ben Brown, Chair
Kim Holt
Melissa Klink
David Best
Dip Stafford

The Finance Committee shall advise the Treasurer on all matters pertaining to the Chapter budget, and shall be responsible for conducting an annual audit of the Chapter's finances.

Finance Committee Members
Connie Crain, Chair
Howard Moran
Mike Whitaker
Cyndi Abrams
Eric Wood
Corbett James

The Membership Committee shall promote the chapter and engage in activities geared toward increasing and maintaining membership in the Kentucky Chapter and IAAO, including membership drives, incentives and awards.

Membership Committee Members
Nancy Bock, Chair
Eric Brown
Lee Martin
Dawn Smith
Joyce Parker
Susan Bailey
Leslie Jackson
Darby Franklin
Ronnie Heady
Pam Womack
Debbie Deweese

The Nominating Committee shall be appointed no later than July 1st of each year and shall meet to review qualifications and to select candidates no later than August 1st of that same year. The committee shall select no fewer than two (2) candidates for each office unless there are fewer than two (2) qualified candidates.

Nominating Committee Members
Jeff Feese, Chair
John Steele
Lonnie Osborne
Michelle McDonald
Felicia Wooten
Bert Becker
Kevin Auton
Mike Welsh

Professional Designation
The Professional Designation Committee shall encourage and promote the attainment of professional designations on the part of all property tax personnel. This committee shall serve as a liaison to the IAAO staff and Professional Development Committee on behalf of Kentucky Chapter members.

Professional Designation Committee Members
Jason Scriber, CMS, Chair
Terry Rakes
Anita Campbell, CMS
Patti Royster
Dan Turner, CMS

Public Relations The Public Relations Committee shall recommend and conduct activities designed to foster good will for the Chapter in Kentucky as well as within IAAO. This committee shall respond to external awards programs, recommend content for the chapter website, and have responsibility for all publications of the Kentucky Chapter.

Public Relations Committee Members
Colleen Younger, Chair
Cindy Meholovitch
Tammy Kyler
Eddie Tamme
Kim Stump
Stacey Ewalt
Kay Hall
Shea McWherter
Sean Curry

Past Presidents
The Past Presidents' Committee shall recommend an annual community service project and coordinate social activities for the Chapter.

Past Presidents Committee Members
Steve Cates (1996-97)
Ron Johnson (1997-98)
Ben Brown (1998-99)
Bob McClearn (1999)
Shannon Tivitt (1999-2000)
Mark Straney (2000-01)
Chuck Adkins (2001-02)
Nancy Bock (2002-03)
Nick Kearney (2003-04)
Jeff Kelley (2004-05)
Jeff Feese (2005-06)
Jason Scriber (2006-07)
Brad Bailey (2007-08)
Karen Bushart (2008-09)
Mike Welsh (2009-10)
Michelle McDonald (2010-11)
Bob Branstetter (2011-2012)